Aviator Game, Casino Betting and Fun 

Aviator game is one of the many mini-games that are becoming increasingly popular with online casino players. It was designed and introduces social elements by Spribes, one of the software providers that specialise in creating this type of entertainment option with crash anytime option. The latter is the one who also designed the casino mine game, which is reviewed here by our editorial staff. Aviator has a very banal gameplay, but it is not uninteresting. And as the name suggests, it's about living an aviation experience that offers the promise of big wins with the lucky plane flew and crash anytime. You can practice on a free vertion. Prepare your self the round begins.


How to play on Aviator game?

Did you like JETX ? You'll love AVIATOR the box of the moment !


To start playing Aviator game, you must choose a starting bet using the navigation keys or by clicking on the bet values. But be sure to place your bet before the red gauge runs out. If not, you will have to wait until the next game to get in on the action. When the bets are placed, the plane starts to gain altitude. The goal is to collect your winnings by pressing "Cashout" before the lucky plane flies off the screen.


Main features of Aviator GAme ?

The Aviator online game has many distinctive features that make it unique. These features greatly enhance the gaming experience. Here are some of the most exciting ones:

In-game chat - The in-game chat is a place to chat, make friends. The chat log shows the player who wins the most money each round, the bets placed, the odds and the winnings. If you choose to chat with other players, there is an emoji pack and an option to send GIFs too.

Live Betting - Would you like to do a quick lobby check? The bar on the left shows how much other players are betting, their odds and their winnings. This is a great feature because you can gather information about other players and use it to your advantage.

Live Stats - On the same left hand bar you can filter between all bets, your bets or best bets. All bets show the bets and winnings of everyone, including your own. Your bets show your initial bet, with date and amount, coefficient and winnings. In the top section you can find statistics on daily, monthly or yearly winnings and odds.

Free Bets - If you want to try the Aviator casino game or just have fun, you can also play Aviator for free with the demo mode. This option allows you to enjoy the game as you would with cash. This way you can learn the basics of the game without risking your money. There are no limits, so you can play for free as much as you want, before you switch to real money.

Promotion - By chatting with other players, you can claim free bets from other players by clicking on the "Claim" button. In addition, a player can make it "rain" in the chat by entering an amount and selecting a certain number of drops. The promotion is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature of Aviator! It is not available at all online casinos.


Place your Bet

Bets accepted with minimum bet of 0,10 € to 100 €  as well as the different settings you want, automatically cash out etc

Pay attention

Follow the flight

Follow the aviator's progress carefully. The lucky plane can reach explosive multipliers,  the maximum gain can be €10,000 per round



The third and most important step is  to withdraw your winnings before the plane explodes. This is when you must withdraw your winnings. 

Placing a bet

Placing a bet

Make a bet or two at once and wait for the round to start.

Pay attention

Pay attention

Take care of the lucky plane. Your winnings are the stake multiplied by a lucky plane coefficient.



Cash in before the plane takes off and the profits are yours!

What is the best Aviator strategy ?

There is no 100% winning strategy in the Aviator casino game. Why is that? Because it is based on a random number generator. In poker and blackjack, there are strategies to help you fight the casino advantage. This game has none, because it is 100% random. The plane may well crash at 1.01x three times in a row, or fly at 50x, then 40x, then 140x. Nothing is predictable, and that's what makes this game so great.

Of course, if you feel like it, you can try to adopt bankroll and risk management strategies. Although these techniques don't guarantee wins on every turn, they could make your session last longer.

One such strategy is to place a large bet that you withdraw early and at the same time place a small bet on which you aim for a bet multiplied. Another might simply be to play volatile and cash out early. Strategies from JetX and other Crash games can be applied to Aviator. For more information on these techniques and strategies, read our article "How to win at JetX: tips and strategies".

Social Multiplayer Game

Aviator is unlike other games at online casinos. It brings social elements to the game and transforms players into a part of a community. In-game Chat In-game chat is a fantastic method to create a game community that has avid gamers. It's also a new type of marketing and communication medium for online casinos.

Social multiplayer game consisting :
Live Bets Everyone can see the amount other players bet and are taking home winnings.
Live Statistics In-game statistics with the most significant and biggest wins displayed as monthly, daily, or the all-time leaderboard. Aviarace is a series of events that can be played with regular betting. The rules are easy Each time a winner wins, you also earn bonus points. At the end of the race, the top finishers are awarded additional prize money.
Competitive & Fun The element of competition makes the game feel more comprehensible.
Increased Player Time A player who is more engaged is a happier player!



The Martingale is a technique that became famous thanks to roulette. This strategy is usually used on a color or any other double bet (even/odd, red/black…) The aviator pilot starts his climb with a multiplier of 1.01 which increases as the game progresses.

To use the Martingale on this casino game, the principle is to double the bet each time your bet loses, and this until you win. If you double your losing bet each time, you are sure to make gains as soon as you win a game. To establish this technique, it is necessary that the exit coefficient is always the same, and we recommend a multiplier between x2 and x3 maximum.


Let's assume that the maximum multiplier chosen is x2 with a first bet of €10. You lose a first time, then you double, a bet of 20€ this time that you lose again. So you double again, you play €40 and this time you win €40 x2 or €80. So you bet €10+€20+€40 = €70 bet, so your profits are €80 – €70 = €10

This strategy allows you to make sure in case of victory to recover all your winnings + a profit. There are other strategies and tricks you can use on the Aviator game to increase your chances of winning.


If you want to develop a plan of attack, a technique or a strategy to win it is important to be able to train without taking the risk of losing real money. This is why Scribe, the brand behind the aviator game, offers on its site to discover all its entertainment (including Aviator of course) completely free of charge . Free casino games require no registration and no deposit . Practice as much as it takes to be ready when you decide to get into real money with an online casino bonus.


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